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Pusseli - Jewelry from your own pictures

Jewelry With Your Own Pet’s Pictures

Warm welcome to the world of Pusseli Jewelry! These jewelry pieces are handmade in Finland. You can order jewelry pieces with your own pictures from 1 to 7 picture models.

Pet Jewelry with your own pictures

You can order stylish jewelry from different kind of photos. Your photo doesn't have to be great in quality, it can be taken for example with a standard mobile phone. It doesn't even matter which kind of background your pet has in the picture. Your pet gets a new solid color background (see example below).

Example of the image processing for jewelry pieces.

Choosing the background color for your pet

You can choose the background color that you like. Below you can see all the choices for the background color. You should choose a background color that differs from your pet's color. For example beige isn't a good color behind a beige dog. Of course I can also keep the original background if you want to.


If you have any questions or would like to order something special that you don’t find in the collection, don’t hesitate to email me: jutta@pusseli.fi. I make also custom jewelry and I am open to new ideas.

How to order?

In a few months this Pusseli shop is published in English also. Meanwhile you can order Pusseli Jewelry from Etsy's Pusseli Shop:  etsy.com/shop/pusseli 

At Etsy's Pusseli Shop you can find all the jewelry models that you can order. Choose a model, then choose the quantity of jewelry pieces, then quantity of pictures if needed, then the background color that you would like to have in the jewelry behind your pet (if the model has that option). Choose keep original if you would like to keep original picture background.

Remember to send your pictures after ordering to jutta@pusseli.fi

Payment and shipping

Etsy.com Pusseli shop has these payment methods: credit card or Paypal. I also accept Etsy gift cards.

I ship my products worldwide. Shipping costs 3 € to Finland and 7 € to everywhere else. Shipping cost is per package, so you can order multiple items with a one shipping cost.

Shipping takes approx. 1-2 weeks to Finland and 2-8 weeks to everywhere else.

What is Pusseli?

Pusseli Jewelry is designed and made by me, Jutta Tuokko in Finland. Biggest inspiration for the Pusseli Jewelry is my two funny Jack Russell Terriers. They are my little personal trainers and helpers who are always around when I make my jewelry pieces.

I love this work! I get to make jewelry pieces from people’s loved ones. So many cute pets have been captured to my work.

If you have any questions or for example would like to have help with choosing your pictures, send me email: jutta@pusseli.fi.