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Rainbow Necklace - with your photo

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Available (16 pc) Delivery time 8 - 14 days
Rainbow Custom Statement Necklace with a photo of your loved one.
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Rainbow colored beautiful statement necklace with your photo. Pamper yourself or give as a unique gift. Celebrate equality <3

The picture size is 3 x 4 centimeters (approx. 1,2 x 1,6 inch). The picture is covered with glass cabochon. Length of the necklace is adjustable between approx. 48-55 centimeters (approx. 18,9-21,6 inch). Necklace is nickel free. The beads are acrylic or glass beads. 

Jewelry prices include image processing. Your pet or other target of the picture gets a new solid background color. You can choose the color you like from the field "Choose the background color". The background color in these example necklaces are light grey and bright yellow. You can also leave the decision of the background color to me, the maker of Pusseli Jewelry. I then choose the best background color for the pet. If you would like to keep the original picture background, choose "Keep original background". In addition to the new background color, the image is also cropped to fit stylishly to the jewelry piece and processed to look as good as possible. For example too dark pictures will be processed brighter. 

Send the picture for the necklace by email at jutta@pusseli.fi after ordering. If you have trouble choosing the picture, you can also send multiple pictures. I, the jewelry maker, can then choose which one of them works best for the jewelry piece. The headline of the message should be "name of the orderer + order", for example "Mary Maryland order". Also add the delivery address of the jewelry piece to the message. If you order multiple jewelry pieces at once, you can send all of the pictures in the same message. Then just tell which picture you would like to have in which jewelry piece. 

Pusseli ships worldwide. Delivery time is approx. 1,5-2 weeks to Finland and 2-8 weeks to everywhere else. If you are in a hurry, contact jutta@pusseli.fi so we can check if faster delivery is possible for you.

  • Manufacturer: Pusseli
  • Model: 8214-26